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4040 Aluminum Extrusion Accessories

Choosing the Right 4040 Aluminum Extrusion Accessories for Your Project

What is 4040 ?

4040 aluminum extrusion are 40mm x 40mm metric 40 series square T slot profile and V-slot profile, with four open slots, one on each 40mm face.

4040 extrusion accessories are components or parts that are specifically designed to be used with 4040 extrusion profiles. These extrusion accessories play an indispensable role in using 4040 aluminum extrusion profiles. With these accessories, the users can easily assemble, connect and modify the 4040 extrusion structures of their projects according to their specific needs and requirements.


4040 extrusion accessories

The 4040 extrusion accessories, which are most popular and widely used, are 4040 corner brackets, 4040 heavy corner brackets, L shaped corner joint plates, T shaped corner joint plates and L shaped inside corner connectors.


Here are 7 types of 4040 accessories for reference: 


1. 3 way end corner bracket

The 3 way end corner bracket is a die-cast external fastening accessory that is typically used to create an outside corner connection between three aluminum extrusion profiles. It offers stability and doesn’t need an extra end cap. The simplicity of this 3 way end corner bracket makes it easy to connect multiple aluminum extrusion profiles.


3 way end corner bracket



2. Inside Extrusion corner bracket

The inside extrusion corner bracket with two holes and dual support is an another external die-cast fastening accessory that creates a 90 degree connection. The dual support provides additional strength while the two slotted mounting holes allow for greater adjustability between the connecting 4040 aluminum extrusion profiles. There are raised ridges on the mounting surface of the extrusion corner bracket. And the bracket can only be aligned in one direction. So this bracket helps to line up the profile with the bracket and prevent rotation.


Inside Extrusion corner bracket
Inside Extrusion corner bracket



3. 4040 heavy corner bracket

4040 heavy corner bracket

4040 heavy corner bracket is used to connect two vertical 4040 aluminium extrusion profiles and plays a supporting role. If the profile frames for your project are often subjected to strong vibration, you’d better choose this heavy corner bracket for the support and fixation of the connection points of the frames.


4040 heavy corner bracket


4. L shaped corner joint plate

The L shaped corner joint plate with 5 holes is a strong and external fastening accessory, offering a long-lasting connection. This flat plate creates a 90-degree angle between 4040 aluminum extrusion profiles and is typically used to form a corner connection. It is easy to assemble and can be reconfigured and reused without machining services.

How to use this plate? Step 1, use five spring nuts to slide into the 4040 aluminum extrusion profiles. Step 2, move the nuts to the right positions by using the plate. Step 3, pre-install 5 hex screws. Step 4, use the M5 wrench to fix the five nuts. Then all is done.


L shaped corner joint plate
L shaped corner joint plate

5. T shaped corner joint plate

The T shaped corner joint plate with 5 holes is a strong external fastening accessory that can be used to connect two 4040 aluminum extrusion profiles. This fastening option can provide infinite positioning along the profile T-slot, allowing for a large degree of adjustability. It is easy to install T shaped corner joint plate, like L shaped corner joint plate but not at the ends of the aluminum extrusion profiles.


T shaped corner joint plate



6. L shaped inside corner connector

The L shaped inside corner connector provides a 90 degree hidden corner connection with set screws. So it allows for quick and easy connections. This connection can be between the inside of two 4040 aluminum extrusion profiles or between the inside of one profile and the outside of the second profile. The L shaped inside corner connector is used for cross or right angle connection, making it a cost-effective fastening option without machining services.


L shaped inside corner connector
L shaped inside corner connector

In addition, this L shaped inside corner connector is equipped with black or silver screws to make the overall tone consistent.


In summary, these 4040 extrusion accessories are easily assembled and connected to the 4040 aluminum extrusion profiles, simplifying the construction process and saving time and effort. And these accessories are typically made from high-quality materials such as aluminum or steel, ensuring durability and longevity. They are cost-effective compared to custom-built alternatives. Therefore, 4040 extrusion accessories are a valuable addition to any project utilizing 4040 aluminum extrusion profiles.

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