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Material Intensive Product 100% Manufacturer Direct
Exploring the Benefits of 1/8’’ Heat Shrink Tubing Roll for DIY Enthusiasts

Exploring the Benefits of 1/8’’ Heat Shrink Tubing Roll for DIY Enthusiasts

What is heat shrink tubing roll used for?

Bundling loose wires, color coding wires or repairing a wire with damaged insulation and exposed copper, you may need a piece of heat shrink tubing roll.

Heat shrink tubing is a versatile and shrinkable plastic tube. It is suitable for a wide range of applications which are related to wires and cables. Here are some of the other most popular ways to use it.

One of the main ways is to electrically insulate wires, solder joints, splices and terminals. It forms a protective layer to prevent accidental short circuits.

Another way to use heat shrink tubing roll is to relieve mechanical stresses on wires. Add a piece of heat shrink tubing around the part of the wire that gets bent. Then some of the forces will get transferred through the heat shrink tubing instead of the copper wire itself.

For protection, you can also use heat shrink tubing roll. You can use it to protect a wide range of connectors, wires or solder joints to create a layer of physical protection from abrasion, accidental cuts or scuffs. Besides, heat shrink tubing roll provides a barrier that safeguards against liquids, dust and other unwanted small particles. For example, 1/8 inch heat shrink tubing can keep water, oil or acids out of the wire covered.

In summary, heat shrink tubing roll can be used in many applications. It is often used to repair and insulate wires and cables from external factors such as moisture, dust, abrasion and sharp objects.


How to use heat shrink tubing roll?

First, measure the diameter of the wire you want to cover. And then choose a piece of heat shrink tubing. The tubing must be large enough to slide onto the wire before heating and small enough to cover the wire tightly after heating.

Second, measure the length of the wire and cut a piece of heat shrink tubing with a pair of scissors.

The length that you cut the tubing must be longer than the length you want to cover because heat shrink tubing will shrink in the length direction when the heat is applied.

Third, slide the cut tubing onto the place you want to cover for the wire.

At last, use a heat gun to heat the tubing and make it shrunk to place. If you don’t have a heat gun, you may use a hair dryer or a lighter instead.

In summary, it is easy to use heat shrink tubing roll.


1/8 heat shrink tubing roll


What is 1/8 inch heat shrink tubing? If you want to buy it, you may see the details below:

Expanded I.D.(Min): 0.125’’(3.18mm)

Recovered I.D.(Max): 0.062’’(1.57mm)

Recovered Wall Thickness (nominal): 0.020’’(0.51mm)

Material: Polyolefin

Shrink Ratio: 2:1

Operating Temperature: -67 to 275°F(-55 to 135°C)

Voltage: 600 Volts Max.


Here are some advantages for 1/8 heat shrink tubing roll:

  1. The diameter of 1/8 inch heat shrink tubing is a common size and it can fit well for many electrical and cable applications such as electrical insulation, cable bundling, and protection. 1/8 inch heat shrink tubing can be usually used for 3 wire gauges: 16AWG, 18AWG and 20AWG. And it is flexible and durable.
  2. 2. Easy to install 1/8 heat shrink tubing roll. Simply slide it onto the desired area, apply heat and make it shrunken to place.
  3. 3. Because of its versatility, 1/8 inch heat shrink tubing is available in various materials such as polyolefin, PVC, and fluoropolymer. And you can easily buy it in most hardware stores and online retailers.
  4. 4. Variety in color. It comes in different colors such as black, white, red, blue, yellow, green, clear/transparent and many more. You can choose the color you want for easy coding.


1/8 inch heat shrink tubing is a popular choice for DIY projects.

  1. Bundling two wires into a single unit



  1. 2. Filling a piece of 1/8 heat shrink tubing roll with some liquid


  1. 3. Fixing both ends of a shoelace


For DIY purposes, you can choose the one that best suits your specific project needs to ensure a proper fit and desired results.


Some questions might be asked about heat shrink tubing roll

  1. 1. What are the benefits of heat shrink tubing roll?

There are benefits of heat shrink tubing roll, including:

(1) Protect wires or cables against abrasion, low impacts and sharp cutting edges.

(2) Repair damaged wires or cables.

(3) Bundle two, three or more wires into a unit.

(4) Improve the appearance of the underlying materials covered.

(5) Code wires or cables in color to aid wire or cable identification.

(6) Enhance structural support for less strain on wires, connectors, and components.

And many more.


  1. 2. How much does the heat shrink tubing actually shrink?

Please pay attention to the shrink ratio of the tubing. It is usually between 2:1 and 6:1.

For example, the tubing with a 4:1 ratio will be one-fourth of its original size once the heat is applied.


  1. 3. Is there a shelf life on heat shrink tubing?

Yes, it can expire. Please check the expiration date of each product.


  1. 4. What size of heat shrink tubing do I need?

It is recommended that the heat shrink tubing should shrink by at least 20% and not more than 80% of its normal diameter. Please check the diameter and shrink ratio for the tubing you want to choose. Make sure the diameter must be larger than the diameter of the wire or cable you want to cover before the heat is applied. After heating, the diameter of the tubing must be smaller than the diameter of the wire or cable covered.

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