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The Essential Guide to Aluminum Profile Accessories: A Comprehensive Overview

The Essential Guide to Aluminum Profile Accessories: A Comprehensive Overview


Aluminum profile accessories are additional components or parts that are used in conjunction with aluminum extrusions. People use these aluminum accessories and aluminum profiles to assemble complete mechanical equipment, automated production lines, industrial product production, etc. Compared with traditional steel fittings, aluminum profile accessories have many advantages such as beautiful appearance, lightweight structure, easy operation and durability.




Aluminum profile accessories are widely used in construction industry aluminum frame structures, 3D printers, CNC routers, CNC laser cutters, CNC plasma cutters, 3D engraving machines, machine guards, robotics projects, etc.




Because of the rapid modern industrial development, the applications that used industrial aluminum profiles to build industrial framework structures are becoming increasingly widespread. And industrial aluminum profile accessories are essential during the process of building various framework combinations, . So what are the accessories for industrial aluminum profiles?

There are generally 6 types of industrial aluminum profile accessories. They are aluminium extrusion bracket, joints, connectors, bolts & nuts, decorative parts, supports and casters.


Bracket Accessories

Bracket accessories are used to mount or connect aluminum extrusion profiles to the other components or structures.

These aluminum profile brackets are 45°brackets, 135°brackets, foundation brackets, general brackets, angle brackets, profile brackets, heavy brackets and corner brackets.

These aluminium extrusion bracket are usually made of alloy 6063-T5 with the finish anodized, except general brackets and foundation brackets. General brackets are usually made of cast aluminum with the finish anodized. Foundation brackets are usually made of carbon steel with the finish galvanized. The colors for all of the brackets come in silvery white and black.




Joint Accessories

The joint parts are mainly composed of interior joint, T-slot joint and connector link. Interior joints are best suited for vertical linking. For angle groove connections, the best is E and L joint accessories.

Interior joints and connector links are usually made of aluminum alloy with the finish anodized. The colors come in silvery white and black.

Threaded joints, butt joints, angle joints and multi-connectors are usually made stainless steel with the finish galvanized. The colors also come in silvery white and black.

Eye-bolts are made of carbon steel with the finish galvanized. The color is silvery white.

Active joint hinges are made of Zn-Al alloy with the finish galvanized. The color is also silvery white.

Multi-functional blocks are made of PVC and the color comes in white, black and gray.



Connector Accessories

The types of connector accessories include: end connectors, free plate connectors, slide & hook connectors, metal hinge connectors, nylon hinge connectors, magnetic lock connectors, inner plate connectors, outer plate connectors and handles.





End connector

Aluminium Alloy

Anodizing (Silvery white)

Free plate connector

Stainless Steel

Galvanized (Silvery white, Black)

Slide & hook connector

Carbon Steel 304SS

Galvanized (Silvery white)

Metal hinge connector

Zn-Al Alloy

Galvanized (Silvery white)

Nylon hinge connector



Magnetic lock connector

Stainless Steel

Galvanized or Chrome (Silvery white, Black)

Inner plate connector

Chrome Steel

Galvanized (Silvery white)

Outer plate connector

Chrome Steel

Galvanized (Silvery white)


PVC & Aluminium Alloy



Bolt And Nut Accessories

The fasteners include bolts and nuts.

The bolts are T-bolt, core screw, joint bolt and sunk screw. And the nuts are hammerhead nut, sliding nut, flange nut, spring fastener, spring round nut and flexible round nut.



Decorative Accessories

Decorative parts act as a buffer and protection. They are not only beautiful but also have a very important sealing effect. And they are quite easy to install and flexible.

They are available in two types such as cover strips and end caps. Both of them are manufactured from either nylon or PVC materials and are available in gray and black.


Caster And Wheel Accessories

The caster & wheel is a general term for a wheel structure that allows for 360° rotation. It includes the active casters and the fixed casters. The active caster is also known as the universal wheel, whose structure allows for 360-degree rotation. Fixed casters are also called directional casters, which have no rotating structure and cannot rotate.




Generally speaking, aluminium Extrusion Profile Accessories are necessary for assembling aluminium profile frames. On the other hand,

accessories for aluminium profile also affect the overall aluminium frame. And they need to be equipped with professional tools. For example, special T-handled Inner hexagon wrench, rubber Hammer etc.

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