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Material Intensive Product 100% Manufacturer Direct
Material Intensive Product 100% Manufacturer Direct
4:1 Ratio Heat Shrink Tubing

Ratio 4:1

The shrink ratio is the relationship between the inner diameter before shrinking and the smallest possible inner diameter after shrinking.

4 to 1 shrink ratio means that the tubing's inner diameter can shrink down to 1/4 its original inner diameter. Thus, the tubing is four times larger supplied than compared to when it has been shrunk down.

For example, 5/16"(7.94mm) of the pipe diameter becomes 5/64"(1.98mm) after heat shrinking.You only need to heat it evenly with a hot air blower to make it shrink.Initial shrinkage temperature:90℃(194℉),fully shrink temperature:125℃(257℉),range temperature:-45℃-125℃(-49-257℉).Dielectric strength:rated up to 1000V.