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Material Intensive Product 100% Manufacturer Direct
Material Intensive Product 100% Manufacturer Direct

Copper Flashing Q&A

What is the material?

The copper sheet roll is made of pure C11000 copper with a copper content of 99.99% or higher, complying with ASTM-B152 standards. It is not a copper-clad material of any other type.

What's the thickness & length?
 Our copper coils come in five thicknesses: 18, 20, 24, 26, and 28 gauge, and three lengths: 5ft, 10ft, and 20ft, catering to all your needs.
How to pick gauge?
Thicker gauges typically offer higher strength and durability, but they come with additional weight and cost. Choosing 24-28 gauge can be a cost-effective option while still maintaining good characteristics.
Will this works for roof moss?
Yes. Ideal for moss prevention on roofs, these sheets are weather-resistant and effective in all conditions. Begin at the roof peak, positioning the sheets beneath the shingles, and secure them using copper nails.
What scenarios can it be used?
Copper sheet roll can be applied in various scenarios, including roofing, electrical components, industrial manufacturing, handicraft and DIY.