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Material Intensive Product 100% Manufacturer Direct
Material Intensive Product 100% Manufacturer Direct




heavy corner bracket set
Series 40 series
Bracket heavy corner bracket
Sliding t nut M8x20mm
Hex socket cap screw bolt M8x16mm
Quantity 4pcs heavy corner brackets+8pcs roll in spring nuts+8pcs hex socket cap screw bolts+1pc wrench
Color Black/Silver




Premium ASTM material

Heavy corner bracket strong support is made of ASTM aluminum alloy, with wrench crafted from premium carbon steel ensuring a long lifespan.

European standard size

The European standard heavy corner bracket with M8x20mm roll in spring nut, M8x16mm hex socket cap screw bolt and wrench for 4040 series 8mm T slot.

Easy to operate

There are roll in spring nut, hex socket cap screw bolt, and wrench included, allowing for quick assembly according to your need and thus saving time.

Package include

In the package, 4pcs heavy corner brackets, 8pcs M8x20mm roll in spring nuts, 8pcs M8x16mm hex socket cap screw bolts and 1pc wrench.


The heavy corner bracket set paired with 4040 series 8mm T slot aluminum extrusion, widely used in various fields such as 3D printing, fitness equipment, home decoration, architectural structure, automation facility, automotive modification, transportation, electronic devices, and aerospace etc.