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2020 Aluminum Extrusion T-Slot Usage Tips Share

2020 Aluminum Extrusion T-Slot Usage Tips Share


2020 aluminum extrusion

Here is a piece of 2020 T slot aluminum extrusion.

2020 aluminum extrusion, which is also call 2020 extruded aluminum, refers to a specific type of aluminum profile with dimensions of 20mm x 20mm. It is a square extrusion in cross section, with both sides measuring 20mm.

aluminum profile with dimensions of 20mm x 20mm

2020 aluminum extrusion is usually made of aluminum alloy 6063-T5.

The main elements of aluminum alloy 6063 are aluminum, magnesium and silicon. And the content of magnesium ranges from 0.49% to 0.9%, the content of silicon ranges from 0.2% to 0.6%, and the content of other alloys such as copper or chromium is below 0.1%. So it is also known as aluminum magnesium alloy.

T5 is a type of heat treatment. T5 is the aluminum profile extruded from the extruder machine after air cooling to make the aluminum profile quickly cool down to meet the hardness requirements (Webster 8 -12 hardness). In addition, T5 is generally air-cooled when quenching in the aluminum profile factory. Air-cooled cooling takes a long time, which we call natural aging.


Due to its special manufacturing process and alloy elements as well as its low density, the 2020 aluminum extrusion produced is lightweight, strong load-bearing capacity, strong corrosion resistance. Because of its rail, the unique concave groove design, which is combined with standardized accessories, the aluminum extrusion facilitates the rapid assembly of the frame structure in the later stage, realizing the user's usage concept and greatly shortening the installation period.

2020 aluminum extrusion has a silver white surface, which can be sprayed according to usage needs in the later stage. For example, it can be sprayed in black.


Black and Silver 2020 aluminum extrusion


Framing type: T slot and V slot

T slot and V slot aluminum extrusions are the most common types of numerous aluminum extrusion profiles used in construction and manufacturing applications.

T slot aluminum extrusion is an extrusion commonly in a square, rectangle, or curved radius that is made with a T shaped slot running along its length. And this T shaped slot looks like a long slot in the shape of a “T.” This slot allows for the insertion of various components such as nuts, bolts, and other fasteners.

V slot aluminum extrusion is an extrusion that is made with a V shaped groove running along its length. This groove is designed to guide wheels or bearings, allowing for smooth linear motion. The V slot design provides stability and precision in linear movement, making it suitable for applications that require accurate positioning.

In a word, T slot aluminum extrusions are versatile and allow for flexible component attachment. On the other hand, V slot aluminum extrusions are specifically designed for linear motion applications. So select the right T slot or V slot aluminum extrusion as needed.


Applications of 2020 extruded aluminum

2020 aluminum extrusions, especially the 2020 T slot aluminum extrusions, are mainly suitable for the design and construction of lightweight industrial frame structures such as protective covers, display columns, scientific research instrument frames, etc. and they need to be matched with the special connection accessories of 20 series.


Vslot 2020 aluminum extrusion

Tips for using 2020 T slot aluminum extrusion

When selecting and using 2020 T slot aluminum extrusions, it is necessary to consider some multiple factors such as design, material selection, cutting, connection, pre assembly, surface treatment and usage environment. Here are some tips for reference:

  1. Plan and Design

It is necessary to make a careful planning and design some simple fastening methods before starting to use 2020 T slot aluminum extrusions. The framework structure, the accessory selection and connection methods and more are needed to be considered.

      2. Load-bearing capacity

According to actual usage, consider the factors such as the supporting and fixing methods of the 2020 T slot aluminum extrusion to further determine its load-bearing capacity, ensuring that it can meet the load-bearing requirements.

  1. Cutting skills

Use cutting tools to cut the 2020 T slot aluminum extrusions into the required length. Pay attention to maintaining the flatness and verticality of the cutting surface, ensuring the stability and load-bearing capacity of the frame structure.

  1. Connection skills

According to the design requirements, select the appropriate connection methods such as corner connection, built-in connection, bolt connection and more, ensuring firm and stable connection.

2020 aluminum extrusion Connection Skill
  1. Pre assembly

Before formal assembly, pre assembly can be carried out to check whether each component fits well and avoid problems such as weak or loose connections.

  1. Environmental

During use, it is important to avoid touching the environments with acidic, alkaline, and saline, preventing corrosion of 2020 T slot aluminum extrusion.

  1. Maintenance

Regularly clean the surface of 2020 T slot aluminum extrusions and keep them dry and ventilated. And avoid direct sunlight to extend their service life.


In summary, when using 2020 T slot aluminum extrusions, it is necessary to consider multiple factors. Their advantages and potential can be fully utilized by comprehensively considering and correctly operating.

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